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Steve Lewis ARTIST

Steve Lewis is a New Zealand, Australian, and Irish self-taught painter working in expressionist and semi-abstract styles.


He employs these painterly styles so as not to dictate an image directly to the viewer, but rather to suggest a plethora of images and sensations, and to evoke emotive responses via engagement with the works. Enclaves where myriad thoughts can escape, play and reside, the artworks are primarily an exploration of the vicissitudes of living as an expat in another land and culture, both alien and familiar. 


Notably, his Australian family has long exhibited strong artistic sensibilities, as both professional and amateur painters. One relative – the Australian British painter Roy De Maistre – was an early mentor to the Irish British figurative painter Francis Bacon in London.


Steve studied Law and Art History & Theory at Otago University in New Zealand, enjoys reading a broad swath of the humanities, traveling, and currently resides in Gisborne. Take time to engage with the works and feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to answer any enquiries, and facilitate the purchase and delivery of currently available artworks. 

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